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What 200 Million People Know That You May Not

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By Henry Kurkowski

November 8, 2010

Facebook has hit the 200 Million mark on its mobile app. That means that 200 Million people are using their phones to keep in touch, socialize with their friends and gather info via Facebook. You may ask yourself “Why should I care about Facebook’s usage stats?” The answer is: “You should care about how consumers view and gather information if you intend on reaching them.” But I suppose that this should only be a concern if you plan on having these mobile users as your customers.

I have always found it wise to look at trends not only in my own industry but in crossover industries. Crossovers are other industries that have an effect on my own in some form or fashion. Keeping this in mind, take a look at the electronics industry, mobile phones to be more exact. The new phones are nothing like they were just a few short years ago. These are all coming out to be internet ready, loaded with mobile apps and WiFi capable. This is because there is a hunger for today’s consumer to keep in touch while on the go and get online information on demand. That consumer hunger is growing steadily, are you ready to feed them?

If you have not had a facelift to your website in a while then it is probably not optimized for mobile browsing. In other words this fast growing group of consumers who are looking for a business just like yours won’t find you easily. In order to remain viable a business must adapt to meet the desires of their customers. That means that you need to start thinking about a mobile consumer strategy.

A big part of this overall strategy will be to optimize your website for mobile users. This means that they will be able to see your pertinent information clearly, quickly and without hiccups that may make your brand look bad. Mobile web browsers simply do not support all of the elements that are in a full website.

I know that there seems to be an ever growing laundry list of things to do in order to keep up with the latest consumer trends. However, this is not one of them. Mobile usage is not merely a trend and it will not fade out. It is a cornerstone of how people communicate today. And it’s your opportunity to engage them with your brand. Be found, go mobile.

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Posted by Brian Carrick on 7/2/12 at 2:05 AM EST

“Thanks for another excellent article, it is greatly appreciated and I love being informed about things I might be overlooking—something extremely important nowadays! Thanks as always, Chef Brian Carrick, ACF Member, and WSCA, worked in California, Hawaii, and Washington State and briefly in Arizona. I commenced my career in the late 1960s as a busboy at age 12 and apprenticed to become a chef at age 17 in 1973. I’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years with another 10-15 to go. Publisher of the American Institute of Culinary Politics Online.” http://elementalnewsoftheday.blogspot.com/.

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