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10 Popular Free Open source POS

Ray  PA
by Ray PA June 1, 2014
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Because of on-going tough economy business organizations are passing hard time So its natural that they would try to saving every bucks possible.
Open source Point of Sale applications are usually free and they sustain through charges for customizatoin and support.  Small businesses often do not need complex system and they are adopting open source POS for managing work, sales and inventory.  Here is a short list of Restaurant and Retailer POS that you can at try free of cost.


1. PHP Point of Sale

Platform: LAMP
Type: Retailer POS
Description: Web based Point of sale suitable for small and medium stores. It has master database for customer, sales, supply, employee and provides flexible reporting. However being a web based POS it has limited support for POS printer and cashdrawer.


2. Floreant POS
Platform: Java
Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Floreant POS offters simple User Interface and caters with small cafe to Fine dining. It has configurable food menu system organized by Food categories, Groups, Items and Modifiers. It has support for Receipt printer, Kitchen Printing and Cash drawer. Florenat POS has easy to configure Back office with Tax, Discount, Payroll, Server tips, Drawer pull option. It has advanced Reports including hourly sales report and detail sales reports. Floreant POS is recommended as it has active community and availability of commercial support.


3. Open Bravo Point of Sale

Type: Retailer POS
Platform: Java
Description: Touch screen based POS, supports different type of hardware, barcode, scanner, cash drawer and has inventory. Good community support.

4. Lemon POS
Type: Retailer POS
Description: Linux based Point of sale for Retailers. It has role based user permission, multiple terminal and support for order cancellation etc.
Platform: Linux

Rating: 2.5/5

5. Mercator Java POS
Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Simple Interface, Menu, Order management, Object oriented design, Active community.

6. Tux Point of Sale
Type: Retailer POS
Description: TuxPOS is a Point of Sale system for Linux based operating systems.
Platform: Linux

7. Posterita POS (Point of Sale)
Type: Retailer POS
Platform: Web
Description: Full web POS for large distribution and multi-site Point of
Sale for thousands of users. Posterita POS is built on Adempiere/ERP.
Currently iactive.

8. CybOrg
Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Cybercafe Organizer. Flexible web-based interface written in Perl, Can lock prepaid customers.
Platform: Perl
9. synPOS
Type: Retailer POS
Description: Lightweight POS written in Java can be integrated with ERP.
Platform: Java

10. nTPV
Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Designed for bars, cafes and restaurants. Good community.
Platform: QT,KDE, Postgresql


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