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 Company Details

Kronos Products, Inc. (Foodservice National)
4501 West District Boulevard
Elsdon, IL  60632
Phone: (773) 847-2250
Fax: (773) 847-1019

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Company Description

Gyros, Pita Breads and Greek specialty products. Gyros products are produced from beef, beef & lamb or chicken and are available in portion-control slices, portions, and loaves. The Bakery product line consists of eleven varieties of Pita Bread and Wrapper Breads. Greek specialty products include various entree and appetizer products.


Pita bread, gyros, Tzatziki, Hummus, Fillo dough, Olive oil, olives, feta, mousaka, pastichio, Dolmathes, Baklava

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Dough, Bread
Ethnic Foods
Pastry Products
Specialty Foods

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