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Bob Joined
Mar / 2007

How to reheat precooked frozen prime rib?

Does anyone have any constructive tips for heating precooked frozen prime rib? I have 90 ten ounce portions to prepare for a school board convention.

After defrosting the meat I was thinking of putting them in a steamer to heat them and keep them moist. Is there a better way to do this? I don't want to dry them out.



Terri the lunch ladyJoined
Dec / 2005
Terri the lunch lady

Hi Bob, Hopefully someone will come along with more knowledge than I. I have reheated fresh cold turkey meat (60 some whole birds cooked and pulled over a couple of days) in the steamer and then kept them in a lined ice chest for hours and they stayed hot and moist BUT prime rib I don't know. If you do it that way I wouldn't steam them long and I wouldn't do too many at a time but you probably already know that. Good Luck and I hope someone comes along soon with some real knowledge! If all else fails serve a honkin' good gravy over it!

Beth Food WriteJoined
May / 2005
Beth Food Write

but use a good beef base - not a salt one - for the liquid. Good prime rib will hold for about 2 hours. The thinner the cut, the better. Cheaper cuts of meat or the commercial prime ribs will last for a shorter period of time.

Mar / 2003

Wrap very tightly in plastic wrap and then put in hot/boiling water. This keeps the natural juices in and does not water it down. I have seen our chef do this with leftover prime and it works well. I can ask him tomorrow if there are any other specifics to add. Y

Mar / 2007

bob, use your steamer as your heat source and use yvette's method of wrapping tightly in commercial film before they go in. if for some reason one of the portions has a leak in the wrapping you are still in moist enviroment. i use a somewhat similar method to reheat whole beef briskets in my bbq business (wrap in film,wrap in heavy gauge foil and reheat in the smoker) and it works like a charm!!!! now if i would have just had the foresight to get a steamer...................... jack ps. you can do this directly from the freezer--wrap--perf pan---steam--it just takes longer but is more HACCP friendly-

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