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ChaseJ Joined
Sep / 2012

Shredded Spinach

We're working shredded spinach in with our shredded lettuce for school lunches. I've been scouring the internets looking for ideas but haven't found anything.

Does anyone have an idea for how to shred large amounts of spinach other than the good old chiffonade? We need to shred about 50 pounds of spinach and would love to find a shortcut or idea for what machine(s) to use.


Steve AJoined
Feb / 2005
Steve A

Sorry, man, all I can think of is slice, slice, slice.  I don't ever recall running into shredded spinach on any menu.  Great idea, though.


Feb / 2003

I'm sure you could push it through a slicing blade on a food processor and get a pretty good result. Just pack it tight in the shoot, turn it on and push it through.

Nov / 2004

A couple of questions....

1) Why? Isn't that rather expensive? Your labor is going to crush you....

2) What are you shredding lettuce for? Topping for tacos? I wouldn't waste my time there. If you are looking to make a healthier sandwich, I would use a mesclun mix. The volume of this lettuce on a sandwich would be less than shredded lettuce and the nutritionals are are way better than romaine or spinach...Now you can show the kids "Panera Bread" style sammies.

Spinach is rather sandy and even if it comes in "triple washed", you still have to wash it more. You can try using the 1/8th slicing blade on a hobart mixer...a robot coupe or processor will turn fresh spinach into spinach juice.... blade turns too fast. You will need alot of people doing a chiffonade by hand, expect workmans comp for people cutting their fingers and 50# of it over an hour in labor....I just don't see the point.

If you are looking for healthy alternatives, that kids can (will) eat, and will meet your dietary requirements let me know, maybe I can help....

Chef Mike

Beth Food WriteJoined
May / 2005
Beth Food Write

School lunch programs can't afford mesclun mix when their revenue is pennies.


I use to sell to schools.  Some of the broadliners can get in shredded romaine or green leaf lettuce which is closer to the nutriional profile of spinach.  It may be a skip day delivery.  Otherwise, if you have other nearby school districts, perhaps you can round up some other shredded spinach buyers and a local produce house could start doing it for you if you all can menu at the same time.

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