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Jun / 2016

How many tables per waitress

I've had this debate with co-owners, managers, waitpeople, and chefs. When staffing a restaurant how many tables can one waiter/waitress adequately handle without sacrificing quality of service? I've always maintained the number to be 4 and possibly 5 for a super waitperson. Owners and waitpeople tend to think more, chefs and manager tend to think less. Disregarding the occasional 8-top or deuce of course.

Regards........Chef T. Charles

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Jun / 2016
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I think that it depends on the restaurant, when I worked as a waiter in a little cafe we were given a section of nine tables, mostly 4 tops with a couple of two tops. If the host seated us fairly I felt that I could handle 6 or 7 at a time in various stages of their meal. We did everyting from mixing our own drinks to bussing tables by the way. Things that threw off that ratio 1. being double or tripple seated. 2. the host giving one waiter several high maintenance customers. 3. kitchen putting out food for two of my tables at once. I would expect that a more formal dinner restaurant would require fewer tables per wait, whereas an informal place like Denny's could have more tables per waiter

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Jun / 2016
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Hi Chef: For the type of restaurant you explained to me I would think 3 tables per waiter/waitress, for fine service and taking care of the customers. The service can be excellent, the customer will come back, the customer will tell other people how great the food and service is,good tip for service, etc...... Have a great day Chef Rene

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