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Jun / 2016

Buffet disadvantages

We are planning on opening a buffet-style restaurant, and I am trying to come up with the disadvantages and potential problems associated with buffets so that the problems can be prevented or lessened. So far, I've come up with a couple of potential problems:

- Potential food waste
- Popular items run out quickly
- Food temperature/freshness
- Expensive equipment

Does anyone else see any problems that comes with offering buffet-style services? Both from the point of view of the customer and the owner.


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Jun / 2016
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Why do you believe there is a need for a Buffet operation? Is there competition? What is the population you will be drawing from? What is the mix of menu items? Are you themed? Oriental, North American, or other? Will you be serving breakfast, lunch dinner? Buffet can be profitable if the volume exists. Low volume (customer counts) low quality! Freshness and cooking in small batches to maintain quality and food safety. Labour cost is not necessarily diminished by having a buffet, was that your reason for selecting that concept Marven

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Jun / 2016
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Ex cafeteria dude here..1st of all you will need high volume. Without that every day will be re-runs of yesterdays leftovers. 2nd you need to have the recipes that will allow you to reuse leftovers in a manner that looks like a new product, ie left over fired fish and mashed potatoes is apart of my salmon croquette recipe. If you have the volume, your biggest problem is going to be controlling food cost. Make sure you have some kind of resorce to utilize every thing that is left on the counter from yesterday. And I can tell you right now..there is not a single thing you can do with left over fried okra!!

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Jun / 2016
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Fried okra's a great ingredient to add to salmon patties or crab cakes Dave. Lol. Takes the place of the other, less tasty filler. B

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Jun / 2016
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Thanks Marvin and David for the advice. David, besides having alternative recipes for leftovers, what other ways did you do to control food costs?

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