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Gordon Joined
Dec / 2004

Employee Meals

How do you handle this? Do you give out a free meal? Free Soda? or do you give a percentage off the price?


Feb / 2006

most standard i have run across is cooks eat free and servers pay 50%. depends on your business needs. Just make sure everything is rung in or you will wonder where you food cost is going. Reasoning behind cooks eating free is most of them live check to check and charging them to eat would lead to them stealing anyway. Servers pay because more often than not you have alot of them and giving them all free food would kill your margin.

Nov / 2005

free food and fountain beverages if they eat well they will work better

Red SaxJoined
Sep / 2005
Red Sax

Cooks eat free, write it on the waste sheet, no expensive meats or seafood. Servers pay half. Dishwasher eats whatever the hell he wants, and if he wants a filet, I'll pay for it.

Nov / 2005

Sax Why does the chef and dishwasher eat for free but the servers have to pay half Do you feel the servers arent working hard enough for a free meal? Do you give the dishwasher a free meal because he has decided to work a s**t Job? I am not being sarcastic I am just wondering why everyone on the team arent being treated the same I must be missing something

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