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kiamo Joined
Mar / 2006

Cost of a Commercial Kitchen

Hi all,

I'm in the midst of working on a business plan and trying to figure out the cost of building a commercial kitchen in a brand new space. The space is 1700 square feet and only has a bathroom. I know the cost of the hood/ventilation will cost the most. I was thinking of having my kitchen around 300-400 square feet with the basics such as a 60" range dual oven, sinks, refrigeration, 2 basket fryer, etc.

Any estimates on the entire cost would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Aug / 2005

Define your concept, so you can identify you menu items. Then go see the equipment suppliers. They'll help.

Jun / 2003

You should be desigining your menu first. Once you have decided what you will offer, then that will drive your equipment purchases. A lot of the cost will be detrmined by the type of equipment and how good you are at scrounging. You could possibly furnish your kitchen area for a couple of thousand, on the other end you could put 20-25,000 in that space. Depends on your menu, needs and scroungability!

Mar / 2006

Thanks for some of the responses. My menu items have been worked out and I know the equipment that I need. Is the $25k mentioned in one of the reply just for the equipment as well as the flooring, walls, etc?

Dec / 2010

I can estimate about $12-15k for the major cooking equipment depending on size of course.

Range-$2-3k ea

Refrigerator- $2.5k ea

Freezer $2.5k ea

Fryer - $800 ea

Ice Machine -$2.5k

Sinks, Worktables, $1k


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