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jproaster Joined
Jun / 2016

Hood without ansul?

Hi all. I've gone a long time as a coffeehouse w/ minimal food offerings. Moved to new location a year ago and upped the food, but was quite simplistic- panini, frozen soups, but baked my own pastries (though most were frozen from food rep).

Anyhow, I've been able to bake my eggs and most other products that might normally require a hood. Recently I bought an inexpensive griddle and a single eye radiant heat range. I plan to saute veggies for vege panini and prepare eggs for breakfast sandwiches, not to mention also omelets with the new items.

So do I need a hood since I will not be frying meats? And if I need a hood, do I need an ansul system? Seems that the hood might be cost prohibitive. I have seating for 50 and would like to increase breakfast and lunch fare to go with my espresso bar.

Thanks in advance.


Jun / 2003

The person you need to ask is your local building code inspector and health inspector. For you to use any type of equipment (some exceptions) in most states/counties it must be NSF compliant and meet building code standards. Sounds like you may need a long-range plan.

May / 2006

Hi John, I have a coffee shop as well, and have been traveling the same path. I'm in it now and can't make a lengthy post but will post again overnight or early A.M. But I'll say this, the local fire marshall has been a great help, and it's amazing what you can accomplish with a convection oven, a panini press, a microwave and a hot plate. Let's compare notes. Tony

Jun / 2016

Thanks for the replies. Oh, how I wished that I understood a long-term plan. Look forward to some note comparisons Tony. John

Apr / 2004

John; until recently the resort that I worked at had no fire system, this was until one day the insurance underwriter decided that we needed to have an Ansul system. His justification was that the sauteeing produced airborne fat particles, that were in the long run flammable. The resort had run for 105 years without such system but the insurance company, not the fire marshall said to get one or there would be no coverage. Something you should check into. good luck

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