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awill5 Joined
May / 2008

Food Service Rewards POINTS

Hello, I am new to this forum. I have a few codes for points at (I've found them on a few boxes of Excel potatoes). I was wondering if someone would be willing to enter one of the rewards codes at the site and tell me how many points these packages are worth, because I have no idea (and I can't enroll because I don't really work in the food service business... I have just seen/found a few of these boxes and noticed the codes). Anyway, if someone would be willing to do that for me, that would be great... just email me or private message me and I'll give you the code... then you can tell me how many points they're each worth. Oh, and of course, you can keep the points for yourself... I just want to know how many they're worth (I'm just curious... I don't have very many, so I want to see if it's even worth trying to pursue enrolling there). So just email/private message me please! Thanks.

Jan / 2005

"and I can't enroll because I don't really work in the food service business" "I want to see if it's even worth trying to pursue enrolling there" Huh? If you're an operator in foodservice...just enroll. There's no cost. If you're not, you don't meet the eligibility requirements. The FS Rewards program helps manufacturers track where products are actually purchased and rewards valid operators accordingly. DS

May / 2008

Well, I'm not in the food service business, so I can't enroll. I just found a few of these... so are you saying that they can't be used by anyone now since I found them? Because if that's the case, I wasn't aware. Like I said, I just found them, and no one wanted them... so I have a few, but if I can't use them (or anyone else can't use them)... I'll just throw them away, no big deal, I was just wondering.

Steve AJoined
Feb / 2005
Steve A

You can always offer them to someone who DOES use them.

Mar / 2003

I think the codes are top secret and should be eaten. Y

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