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long25 Joined
Jul / 2008

newbie needs help..loose meat sandwiches

I am buying a small town deli, and turning it into a cafe type of place with loose meat sandwiches. My problem is...I am not for sure what type of cooker to buy. I believe I use a steamer such as the ones that "Roundup" that correct? I thought I knew how to make loose meat home anyway....Is there anybody who serves loose meat...or(maid-rite) type of sandwhiches that could help....thanks!!!!!!!!

Jul / 2008

any ideas?......I was told by someone to use a roundup steamer, they work good...

Mark A.Joined
Jul / 2006
Mark A.

The only time I had a loose meat sandwich, it was fried on a griddle so I am a little confused on the steamer. Please explain the process of a loose meat sandwich, isnt it basically a burger but not in a patty form? The one I had was loose ground beef, on a bun with all the fixins complete with a spoon on the side apparently to pick up the droppings.

Feb / 2003

Here's a company that has been selling them successfully for almost 80 years. Call one up and ask them about their "patented cooker". Most managers/owners are happy to help people out that aren't direct competition.

Jul / 2008
long25 answer your questions about "loose meat" sandwich. People call it differant things.....loose hamburger,loose meat sandwich, "maid-rite" burgers....or yes, steamed hamburger.....At home we just cook loose hamburger in a fry pan like most people, the differance a pan, your cooking it in it's own greae or you add a little water. "Round-up" and a few other companies make steamers..... one person recomended that to me. "STEAMED HAMBURGERS or MAID-RITE style are steam cooked and they are not cooked in therte own grease. They taste better that way also. I remember whenever I went to the fair and got one...the loose hamburger was usually in a large crock pot or slow cooker. However, I don't think they cooked the meat in those..they cooked it and trew it in those to keep warm. I know restraunts keep the meat in a steam table. I think Taco Bells use some type of steam cooker for there meat....I seen one for sale on ebay once, but I wasn't for sure about buying it..............This is a small cafe I am redoing , we won't be selling ALOT of these, I mean our town only has about 1,000 people....but we are a stop on the "Katy Trail" there are alot of bikers thru here during the summer months..

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