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Gridley13 Joined
Apr / 2009

Your best staff meeting ideas here, please.

We are slowly getting into the tradition of having staff meetings at regular intervals. Last meeting I included a quiz. One for kitchen staff and one for front of the house. Lo and behold, everyone scored well and I was able to point out that they did indeed KNOW where dirty towels go, and other complicated issues. This meeting I plan to do an idea I got here. Start with $1000 in monopoly money and say that is our total income for the day. One by one the staff will come and pick a card that shows the expenses for the day and will deduct that amount, showing how much profit actually comes from each $1000 of income. I love this idea! Are there any other good meeting ideas that seem to really help with staff performance? I'd love to have them!

Jan / 2009

Hey Grid,

I'm not sure if you serve wine, but I always like to finish with a wine tasting/siminar food pairing.  This not only seems to help attendance but also helps servers in thier wine knowledge.

I've also done role playing where I give the server playing the guest a card with thier issue on it then another server has to approach the table and solve the problem.

Have fun!

May / 2009

Get staff to contribute to meetings but just let them know the week before what the theme of the meeting will be for the following week so they have some time to prepare and think about it.

One meeting you might ask everyone to think of the most challenging issue that came up for them in the previous week and then have everyone brainstorm some of the best solutions.


May / 2009

Yorur monolopy idea sounds interesting, but why? Are your employees stealing or not trying to sell as hard as they should be? I just don't see how showing your servers how much profit you make per $1000 is going to encourage them to sell more when they'll just be making YOU more money.

Foodservice RewardsJoined
May / 2009
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