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Oct / 2011

French fries: fresh potato price vs. frozen

Hello everyone

What would you say an average price per pound a kitchen operator pays for fresh Russet or Idaho potates? How about frozen french fries?

We are trying to determine the annual savings for a kitchen operator by switching from frozen fries to fresh cut using a system we are about to present to the market.

Any feedback is more than welcome.

Thanks to all.


Jul / 2011

It has been my experience that the frozen fries are only a little more than fresh potatoes.  But the added expense of labor and equipment to make fresh fries make up the difference.  I would say that should base your decision on if you want a higher quality product with more work involved or do you want a lower quality without the hassles of peeling(optional)/slicing/soaking/par frying(boiling)/re-frying.  

There are also many posts on this forum on how to prepare those fries and what difficulties your run into.  

I would say if you want people to crave your fries, you have to make your own fresh!  Just my opinion.

Feb / 2003

At $13.58 per 50 case for Idaho Russets, you're paying a little over .27 per pound. No need to peel, they're better unpeeled.

At $15.57 or a 30lb case of 3/8 inch cut fries, you're paying .517 per pound.

Since the frozen fries have already been cooked once, you'll yield more fries per pound when measured by volume than fresh fries, so you probably need to add 30% to the price per pound of the potatoes to be comparing apples to apples.

Apr / 2006


 to be comparing apples to apples.


Wait, now I am confused. 




Sep / 2011

Apple Fries? That may be a very good idea!

Battonet cut granny smith apple dipped in waffle batter and deep fried with carmel dipping sauce?

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