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Dec / 2010

Waffle Iron

Help! I am opening a breakfast/lunch restaurant for a client and was wondering how important waffles are to the menu. If we have to add waffles, what is the best way to go? When I managed a hotel a number of years back there was a waffle company deal where they supplied the iron and we shad to buy their batter - I think. Looking for some guidance.

Nov / 2004


Carbon's Golden Malted.....That's the company that does the irons and the mix. Some distributors are also selling pre-made Belgian Waffles that you just have to "crisp" in the oven. No fuss, no muss, no clean-up and pretty good if you aren't doing the "SHOW". Know what I mean.

As far as how important they are....well, if you're a "Waffle House", I guess they would be important. If your focus is truly breakfast, yes they are important. Then, you can add Fried Chicken and Waffles for lunch...kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak....

Good Luck,

Chef Mike

Apr / 2004


  have always found that waffles are a neccesary evil on the breakfast menu. You need two irons to keep up with inevitable rush after you sell the first one-mob mentality?! More than usual the iron just sits there heating the kitchen un-used. We also did savoury waffles at both lunch and dinner; never really found much value in having the inventory and irons sitting around.

I have used Carbon's product but preferred to use a company here in Ontario called Heartland Waffles, they have their own mixes and is a few $ less than Carbon, not sure if you can get it down where you are.

hope this helps and good luck on your newest endeavour.

Jun / 2006

Hi Mike,

Carbon's waffles -  I've used them for years and have had great success with their product.  Free Irons and they will change out the plates for you when they start sticking.  My guy comes once a month so you have to plan ahead on your needs depending on how often your sales rep is in the area.


Dec / 2010

This is what forums are for. Relevant information, opinions and comments/

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