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foxwoods Joined
Jun / 2016

Food Service Rewards Points

i have a bunch of foodservice rewards points i am wondering if anyone out there that already has an account will allow me to enter these codes online using their username and then i will give them 30% of the total points that i enter on the website
email me at
if you are interested

Jan / 2005

Foxwoods....why don't you just enroll and claim them yourself? Dave Smania

Jun / 2016

the place i work for wont let me lol i did have an account but my co-workers were mad i was getting free stuff so they complained and my boss had to cal them so my account was suspended. but i do still collect the points

Mar / 2005

**Foxwoods....why don't you just enroll and claim them yourself? Dave Smania** Hi Dave. That's a problem I've run into recently. These reward points are nice, but when a school cook turns them in on product that the school buys..the merchandise they receive actually belongs to the school, not the person placing the orders. If they have the consent of the school to do it, that's a different story.

Jul / 2004

how do you enroll in this

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