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Jun / 2016

sidework sheets

I recently moved from out of the kitchen into the dining room as the dining room manager of a restaurant that I had worked before I've been trying to find a sample waiter sidework sheet on the web and have had no luck are there any places to get a standard sheet that i can revise or are there any good ideas out there.

thank you very much

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Jun / 2016
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Kemo, There are no "standard" sidework sheets to speak of. What you need to do is identify all the tasks that the waitstaff needs to do during the set-up and breakdown stages of service. Depending on how you organize your staff will determine how things are done and who does them. If you have a small staff(5-10) you could let them be thier own bosses and do the sidework as a team knowing that they all know what needs to be done. That way you dont need to be as stringent on who does what but that it all gets done and the staff can boss themselves. This method is good for morale and does not let anyone "skate" through the tasks for fear of letting down thier co-workers. If you have a large staff and organize your staff by sections, you might want to have specific sections do specific tasks. One section might do the wait station, another might do the coffee station, another might clean and vacuum the dining room, ect. This way you, as management, can assign responsibility to each server and know what they have done or not done. You can also use a check-off sheet to follow progress of sidework being done. The important thing is to make sure you identify all the things that need to be done! Get your staff involved in helping you identify the tasks. Hope this helps. Any ?'s please feel free to e-mail me at

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Jun / 2016
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Speaking as a server; no matter how small your staff please assign all side work. Many employees will skate by and letting the hardworkers do the brunt of the set up while they enjoy watching the coffee brew. I am always frustrated when management does not post our set up. ------------------ Come share your political views or just a recipe.

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