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The only berry a silkworm will eat

I am a berry. I am the only berry plant a silkworm will eat. I am black, white, pink, purple, or red. My black variety is most preferred by humans, my white variety is most preferred by the silk worms, and my red variety is most popular in the United States. I must be allowed to ripen fully before being picked. For this reason I am usually left to fall off my tree onto the grassy ground on which I am often planted. Devotees will regularly place a drop cloth under my medium sized, attractively untidy tree during maturity. Those who do harvest me, either by picked or gathering from the ground often wear purple so the stains I create don’t show lest their clothing turn that color. I stain hands as well, so gloves are the order of the day. Eaten with fresh cream I’m best, but I perform quite well in puddings, compotes, or plates with pears.

What am I?




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