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Rutgers experiments with nixing dining hall trays to reduce food waste, costs

April 24, 2014
Copyright: New Jersey On-Line LLC
Rutgers University students will need to practice carrying their plates, drinks and silverware in the campus dining...
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NYC Council Pushes Free School Lunch

April 24, 2014
Copyright: Epoch Times
City Council wants all public school children to eat lunch for free, a change that would cost the city about $24...
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Dining Hall experiments with tray elimination

April 22, 2014
Copyright: The Daily Targum
Neilson Dining Hall is following the example of other universities by eliminating food trays in time for today’s...
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Aramark unit fined over Ohio prison food

April 22, 2014
Copyright: Interstate General Media, LLC
The food vendor that holds the contract for feeding Ohio's 50,000 prisoners has repeatedly failed to meet...
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New Study Argues Against Ban on Chocolate Milk in School Cafeterias

April 22, 2014
Copyright: The Lunch Tray
Researchers at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab have released a new study regarding school chocolate milk that’s...
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Arizona Hospital Uses Land to Farm Nutritious Food

April 17, 2014
Copyright: AZCentral.com / GANNETT
A Southwest Valley hospital used idle land to plant a farm that now produces nutritious food for patients, visitors...
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'Farm to Cafeteria' leaders cite wide growth in policy support

April 17, 2014
Copyright: Agri-Pulse
Leaders of the movement promoting the use of locally grown foods by large cafeterias told stakeholders here that...
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Chocolate Milk Ban In The School Lunch Rooms Backfires

April 17, 2014
Copyright: redOrbit.com
Citing insufficient nutritional value, some schools have banned chocolate milk from their lunch programs and offered...
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Santa Barbara's Cafeteria Queen

April 17, 2014
Copyright: Santa Barbara Independent, Inc.
Gone are the days when a hefty, hair-netted woman scooped slop onto kids’ Styrofoam trays and called it...
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7 secrets for healthful hospital food, from asparagus to tomatoes

April 16, 2014
Copyright: GreenBiz Group
Hillary Bisnett grew up on a farm in Dowagiac, Mich., that grew asparagus, raspberries, strawberries and 16 varieties...
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