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Campus Dining to begin composting food from dining halls

July 26, 2011
Copyright: The Maneater Student Newspaper
This fall, MU will be one step closer to having a smaller carbon footprint with the implementation of a plan...
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Dirty Restaurant Restrooms Kill Repeat Business

July 22, 2011
Copyright: QSR Magazine
A recent Cintas Corporation telephone survey conducted by Harris Interactive among more than 1,000 U.S. adults,...
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Mom Who's Crusading Against Fast Food Playlands Has the Right Idea

July 15, 2011
By TheStir.com    Copyright: CMI Marketing Inc.
It probably won't come as a surprise that fast food playlands aren't the cleanest places for your kids...
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Fast-food playlands under scrutiny for appalling conditions

July 12, 2011
Copyright: Chicago Tribune
On a humid Monday morning, Erin Carr-Jordan was crawling through the tubey slides of a McDonald's PlayPlace...
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You want flies with that? Closed Popeyes leaves disgusting mark on NY

May 6, 2011
Copyright: New York Daily News
East New York residents are crying foul over a shuttered chicken joint that reeks of rotting food and is covered...
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US Food Safety.Com Survey Reveals 54 Percent of Restaurant Patrons Turn Blind Eye to Cleanliness

April 8, 2011
Copyright: The San Francisco Chronicle
USFoodSafety.com, the first website to provide consumers with the most up-to-date food safety alerts, recalls,...
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NYC Gets High Marks With New Health Ratings

January 28, 2011
Copyright: NACS Online
Six months after New York City began issuing letter grades to restaurants based on their cleanliness and food...
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New way to wash restaurant dishes

January 28, 2011
Copyright: The Prospector
Two new dishware sanitizers may be more effective at removing bacteria from restaurant dishes than traditional...
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Where Restaurants Plead Their Case

October 15, 2010
Copyright: The New York Times
New York’s restaurants sprawl across a vast territory, from the pristine precincts of the multicourse...
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Several elite NYC restaurants graded unclean

August 10, 2010
Copyright: New York Post
These top chefs haven't passed the mustard.  The Health Department's new letter-grading system...
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