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Room service approach makes hospital food ‘actually taste good’

August 13, 2014
Copyright: Windsor Star
Food services at Windsor Regional Hospital’s Ouellette campus will get a dramatic overhaul this autumn,...
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The Sugar Tax is Coming

August 7, 2014
Copyright: Fooducate
Last week, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) introduced the SWEET ACT to the House of Representatives. The formal...
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Farm food, stat! Fresh fare at the hospital

August 7, 2014
Copyright: Interstate General Media, LLC
Executive chef Paul Meola suggests a few options on his weekly lunch menu in the cafeteria at St. Luke's Hospital...
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Back to School: Goodbye cupcakes, hello fruit cups

August 6, 2014
Copyright: WHEC-TV, LLC
Did you know about this? A federal law aimed at reducing childhood obesity has effectively banned bake sales at...
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Why I Refuse to Let My Kids Eat School Cafeteria Lunches

August 6, 2014
Copyright: CMI Marketing Inc.
Antibiotics, GMOs, and junk food ... oh my! There are just too many questionable ingredients lurking on the typical...
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McDonald's Says Ronald Doesn't Market in Schools - Then Backtracks

August 4, 2014
Copyright: The Lunch Tray
This past May, I was one of six concerned moms who attended the annual McDonald’s shareholder meeting in...
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Removing Vending Machines From Schools May Increase Soda, Fast Food Consumption

August 4, 2014
Copyright: University Herald
Banning vending machines form schools may not be enough to reduce soda and fast food consumption among students,...
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Officials mull decision on problem-plagued Aramark prison food contract

August 4, 2014
Copyright: GANNETT
Michigan’s beleaguered prison food contractor should find out in the next two weeks whether it will be subject...
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How One Hospital Is Using Organic Produce to Help Heal Patients

August 4, 2014
Copyright: The Huffington Post
In 431 BC, Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." More than 2,500...
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Buying Co-Op Helps Mississippi Lead on Low-Cost, Healthy School Lunch

July 31, 2014
Copyright: NPQ
Some states are facing a challenge in meeting the standards of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, but not...
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