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The Future of School Food Means the Future Health of the Nation's Children (opinion)

July 7, 2014
Copyright: US News and World Report
On July 1, I testified at a congressional hearing regarding the importance of the U.S. Department of Agriculture...
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Restaurants slacking on cutting sodium from meals, report says

July 2, 2014
Copyright: CNN
Many Americans are trying to limit the amount of salt in their diets. They know that reducing sodium intake can...
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Nutrition Group Lobbies Against Healthier School Meals It Sought, Citing Cost

July 2, 2014
Copyright: NY Times
When the Obama administration in 2012 announced long-awaited changes to require more fruits and vegetables and...
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School lunches: Are healthy options too small, unappealing?

July 2, 2014
Copyright: Syracuse Media Group
Some students say healthier school lunches are too small and unappealing. Strict food guidelines under the...
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School lunch battle expected to be long haul

June 27, 2014
Copyright: The Packer
The battle over nutrition standards for school lunches is expected to last through 2015 and produce industry leaders...
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'Sugar Tax' Call From Child Obesity Campaigners

June 25, 2014
Copyright: BSkyB
A campaign group has called on the Government to introduce a "sugar tax" to help tackle the problem...
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Rehabilitating hospital food: aiming for healthy, sustainable and savory

June 25, 2014
Copyright: Guardian News and Media Limited
In reviews on Yelp, San Francisco's Moffitt Café averages four-and-a-half out of five stars. "Unbelievable...
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Will Change in House Leadership Affect the School Food Debate?

June 25, 2014
Copyright: The Lunch Tray
With all that’s going on in the kid-and-food world these days, I’m getting sucked back into my old...
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Should only white milk be allowed in schools?

June 25, 2014
Copyright: Ohio Ag Net | Ohio's Country Journal
A few years ago, many school districts contemplated, and in some instances banned, offering flavored milk in their...
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The FDA's Science-Free Anti-Salt Crusade

June 20, 2014
Copyright: The Daily Caller
It seems that Michael Jacobson, watch commander of the food police and executive director of the anti-corporate...
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