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Is the GOP drive to waive school-lunch rules dead?

June 17, 2014
Copyright: Hearst Newspapers, LLC
House Republicans have repeatedly delayed votes on a controversial waiver of school lunch nutrition rules amid...
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Oregon Ranks Highest in Farm to School Food Program

June 17, 2014
Copyright: Salem-News.com
Oregon has clearly embraced farm to school programs and is poised to increase the impact local foods have in the...
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That 580-calorie fast-food sandwich? It's a snack, not lunch

June 13, 2014
Copyright: Associated Press
If you're grabbing a sandwich at Dunkin' Donuts, the chain wants you to consider it a snack, not a full...
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School food lobby flip-flops on healthy school lunches

June 13, 2014
Copyright: Al Jazeera America, LLC.
Perhaps the most visible advocate for improving school food, Michelle Obama is now defending what shouldn’t...
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More on the School Nutrition Association’s Ties to Big Food

June 12, 2014
Copyright: The Lunch Tray
In earlier posts discussing the School Nutrition Association’s push to roll back healthier school meal standards,...
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School Lunch Debate: What's At Stake?

June 12, 2014
Copyright: NPR
School lunches have never been known for culinary excellence. But to be fair, the National School Lunch Program...
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House considers waiving healthy school lunch rules despite veto threat

June 12, 2014
Copyright: PBS
The House began to consider legislation Wednesday that would allow some schools to opt out of healthier meal standards...
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Veto threatened in school lunch fight

June 11, 2014
Copyright: The Hill
The White House on Tuesday threatened to veto the House’s 2015 Agriculture spending bill in part because...
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Panera Says Its Food Will Have No Artificial Ingredients by 2016

June 5, 2014
Copyright: New York Media LLC.
Fast-casual chain Panera is adopting a zero-tolerance approach to artificial ingredients as part of its new food...
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USDA Creating $1.9 Million Research Center Devoted to Changing American's Food Choices

June 5, 2014
Copyright: The Washington Free Beacon
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is creating a $2 million research center to study how the government...
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